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New Computer Virus Causes Havoc

////New Computer Virus Causes Havoc

New Computer Virus Causes Havoc

The latest virus attack infected more e-mails than any other virus except Love Bug.

Goner, described by some experts as the most virulent virus since Love Bug, spread worldwide in a matter of hours on 4 December, causing e-mail systems to become congested and damaging unprotected systems.

The infected e-mail has the word “Hi” as its subject and body text which reads “When I saw this screen saver, I immediately thought about you. I am in a harry (sic), I promise you will love it.” Its attachment is labelled “gone.scr.”

A criminal investigation has now been launched in an effort to track down the person responsible for the virus.

Previous viruses, such as Love Bug, Code Red and the Nimda Worm caused problems for millions of computer users across the world.

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By | March 27th, 2015|Computer Software, Reviews, Virus|0 Comments

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Joseph Chang has been in the IT field for more than 22 years serving the small companies and individuals. He runs his own IT firm and an online retail store selling Rooibos tea which is directly imported from South Africa.
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